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Marketplace for adwertisements on the cars

Our marketplace is the place where companies can find drivers ready to place ADs on their vehicles.

From little stickers to all-car-wrapping.

Its easy for both partyes to make an agreement and start benefit each other.

Our system is automatic in most processes.

Our main goal is to make relations between clients on both sides as open, transparent and secure as possible.


Let's choose your side!


This is easiest way to start earning extra money. The only thing you need is your vehicle. The only thing you should do is to drive it as usual.

It's interesting


Thousands of drivers are ready to advertise your company on their cars. It will take only a few minutes to choose the right cars and start advertising campaign

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Additional information for the driver


You need to signup on our site and create new listing.

Describe your car, yearly mileage and upload some photos of your car.

And do not forget to chose how mach you want to earn from every square feet covered by advertising. Its up to you!)

Main rules

Now you need to whait a little when any company chooses your car and offer the contract to you.

The essence of the contract is that you agree to stick advertising on your car and not to remove it for a sertain number of months.

Also you should drive your monthly mileage. At the end of each month you should provide a photo of your car with advertising still sticked on it and photo of mileage from your car dashboard.

Fulfilling these basic conditions you can get the expected profit.

If you agree..

You can cancel all on any step before the contract will be signed by you. (For example you do not like the advertisement company offers or whatever else...)

After the contract signed the sticker for your car is printing and sending to you.

Then when you receive your advertisement you need just go to the nearest wrapping company (described in instructions with your advertisement) and they professionaly and for free stick it on your car.